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Well-designed outdoor space is a great asset & garden improvement need not mean increased maintenance. We can transform your garden into something special using our passion for creative design & our thorough knowledge of plants. We can advise on improving the whole of your outdoor space in ways you may not have considered, such as the re-routing of access or opening up of views to make your property look & feel better in its surroundings. Creating a proper sense of place can make all the difference to the success of a home, the comfort of its users & not least, its market value.

Our garden and planting design services include:

footer-bullet  Garden consultancy
footer-bullet  Partial or complete garden and planting design
footer-bullet  Landscape (ie wider than the garden) design
footer-bullet  Design of garden borders and bulb plantings
footer-bullet  Small or large scale planting schemes
footer-bullet  Use of attractive and unusual plants
footer-bullet  Hedge and tree planting up to semi-mature size
footer-bullet  Pruning and plant training (walls, fruit, shrubs, etc)
footer-bullet  Garden maintenance